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"At Home on the Range"
From cutting hits singles to jamming with the Dead, Bruce Hornsby goes where the music takes him

"The Bard in the Booth"
With a stack of unpublished novels to his credit, Stanley Blakeman is more than just your neighborhood movie projectionist

Novelist Vincent Zandri's hard-driving work ethic pays off with the launch of a mystery series about a prison warden

"The Daughter Also Rises"
Sally Taylor wants to be known for more than famous folks Carly and James

"The Dream King"
Writer Neil Gaiman lays low between the end of "Sandman" and the launch of his movie career

"The Evil That Men Do"
Merciless playing and morbid lyrics make death-metal outfit Skinless the area's masters of disaster

"To Hell and Back"
How a spiritual journey led William Peter Blatty from writing "The Exorcist" to directing cult-favorite thrillers

"Independent's Day"
Filmmaker John Sayles reflects on a singular career that's being celebrated at dual events this week

"Passion Statement"
Singer-songwriter Rosanne Raneri ends a three-year recording hiatus with a new album and a new attitude

"Righteous Return"
Five years after scoring with "One of Us," Joan Osborne takes another shot at fame

"Seasons of the Soul"
After struggles with addiction and a string of tragedies, composer-pianist Cole Broderick scores with a musical celebration of Saratoga

"Thanks for Sharing"
Meet a woman named Jewel, who's as serious about her songwriting as she is about her yodeling

"Up Close and Personal"
Robert Redford on "The Horse Whisperer," directing himself, and Capital Region hospitality

"Women on the Verge"
After years of chasing mainstream success, all-female band Antigone Rising gains notoriety by rocking to its own beat

"Young at Heart"
A popular radio show is part of the Zucchini Brothers' quest to prove that kids' entertainment doesn't have to be childish

"America the Bootylicious"
(exploring the sexualization of pop culture)

"Let Us Entertain You . . . Selectively"
(considering post-9/11 censorship)

"Seduced by Savagery"
(looking at perverse violence in movies)

"Skin Deep"
(comparing superficial and inner beauty in cinematic storytelling)

"Something Happened"
(remembering Louis Malle)

"That's Cybertainment!"
(considering what entertainment might look like in the 21st century)

"Thrill Has Gone"
(lamenting the slow fade of single-screen theaters)

"Trivial Pursuit"
(weighing the use of trivia as movie dialogue)

"What You Don't Know"
(contemplating the impact of excessive behind-the-scenes information)

"X Marks the Generation"
(looking beyond a generational stereotype)

"After the Honeymoon"
He created a hit opera in 1960, and a cult-classic movie in 1970. Now, 30 years after his big moment in the pop-culture spotlight, Leonard Kastle is ready to revive his cinematic career

"The Mall, the Merrier"
The comfort zones of consumer culture, shopping centers offer an intoxicating illusion

"The Monster-Made Man"
For writer-filmmaker Bruce G. Hallenbeck, ghosts and ghouls and goblins aren't the stuff of nightmares -- they're tools for holding onto the wonderment of childhood.

"On a Fin and a Prayer"
With "The Little Mermaid," Disney seeks to reclaim its place atop the animation business

"Out of the Broom Closet"
Persecution behind them, witches enter the mainstream

"Panels Discussion"
Faced with a maturing fan base, comic books ditch the kid's stuff and tackle themes that appeal to adults

"Rhythms of the Night"
When it comes to bedroom music, different strokes please different folks

"Rumble in the Jungle"
Sigourney Weaver experiences close encounters of the primate kind while playing slain naturalist Dian Fossey

"The Screenplay's the Thing"
Movie scripts are usurping novels as the medium of choice for many writers -- but what does that mean for the future of literature?

"Straight Outta Kinderhook"
Local airplay gives small-town punk act F-Timmi a shot at stardom -- just months after a recording contract slipped through their fingers

"Agreeing to Disagree"
It's up to the voters now as opposing sides in Albany's charter-reform debate hold fast to their differences

"Closing Time"
After nearly 13 years of musical mayhem, Charlene Shortsleeve cuts her losses and puts storied Albany nightclub QE2 up for sale

"Dumping Ground"
Schenectady residents express concern about possible toxins in a long-closed city landfill

"A Facelift for Albany"
Will low-income neighborhoods pay the price for downtown renewal?

"Filmdom's Finest Take Spotlight in Woodstock"
Today's events at film fest include the presentation of an award to Tim Robbins

"Mind Games"
Attorney General Spitzer's proposal to broaden use of involuntary commitment draws fire

"Rock & Roll With the Changes"
Assessing the new landscape one year after a conglomerate took the reins of Saratoga Performing Arts Center

"The Shot Heard 'Round the Colonies"
Thousands converge on Ticonderoga for the 'Super Bowl' of War Reenactments

"Southgate Bites Dust"
How community activism helped derail construction of a massive shopping center

"They Only Come Out at Night"
An appearance by author Anne Rice draws over one thousand horror fans

"Apocalypse Now Redux"
"Before Sunset"
"Black Hawk Down"
"Collateral Damage"
"Death to Smoochy"
"Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room"
"Last Night"
"Pearl Harbor"
"The Pledge"
"Series 7: The Contenders"
"The Thin Red Line"
"Twist of Faith"

Holly Cole: "Temptation"
Counting Crows: "This Desert Life"
Electric Light Orchestra: "Zoom"
Eurythmics: "Peace"
Radney Foster: "See What You Want to See"
Ben Murray and Siobhan Quinn: "Two Rivers"
No Doubt: "Rock Steady"
Eddi Reader: "Angels and Electricity"
3rd Matinee: "Meanwhile"
Wild Colonials: "Fruit of Life"

Celine Dion
Don Henley
The Mavericks
Moby, Hybrid
Britney Spears, O-Town
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
U2, PJ Harvey
Brian Wilson
Trisha Yearwood, Randy Scruggs

These articles are from the following publications: defunct Albany, N.Y., newsweekly "The Source," for which I wrote from 1993 to 1997; Delmar, N.Y., community weekly "The Delmar Spotlight," my journalistic home for much of 1998; Albany newsweekly "Metroland," which carried my work from 1998 to 2002; Albany daily "The Times Union," for which I freelanced sporadically from 1997 to 2003; and online 'zine "Film Threat," which featured my writing in 2004 and 2005. The earliest pieces, circa 1988-1990, are from the NYU student paper "The Washington Square News."



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